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Our goal is to tailor your specific needs to a portfolio approach that offers you the flexibility that will enable us to deliver the most practical and cost effective structure for your investment.

Principal & Prosper Multi-Asset Risk-Managed Portfolios

We manage these model portfolios in a way that aims to control the amount of risk investors are exposed to. Each portfolio is designed around a given risk profile and these act as a guide to how much risk our clients may be exposed to by investing in them. We offer a range of risk levels, from the lower risk “Moderately Cautious” portfolio, to our higher risk “Adventurous” portfolio. We actively manage the risk in our portfolios and our investment process ensures that the risk in each of them stays within the given parameters.

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Designed for investors who are relatively comfortable with investment risk and aim for higher returns rather than safer investments. They appreciate these portfolios will exhibit significant fluctuations in the pursuit of higher returns.

Designed for investors who are comfortable with investment risk and aim for high long-term investment returns and do not overly worry about periods of poorer performance in the short-to-medium term. They are willing to accept the full extent and significant fluctuations of capital markets to maximise returns.

Designed for investors with a balanced attitude to risk, e.g. do not seek risky investments but do not avoid them either and are prepared to accept fluctuations in the value of their investments to try to achieve better long-term returns.

Designed for relatively cautious investors who want to achieve a reasonable return and are prepared to tolerate moderate risk in doing so. Typically, these portfolios will exhibit relatively modest yet frequent fluctuations in value.

Designed for investors with a very conservative approach to investing and who prefer to take a small amount of risk to achieve modest stable return, typically preferring to invest in bank deposits.