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Our goal is to tailor your specific needs to a portfolio approach that offers you flexibility and will enable us to immediately deliver the most practical and cost effective structure for your investment.

Why Discretionary Investment Management?

• Proactive, day-to-day management of your money
• Greater flexibility in implementing investment ideas
• Fully harness the power of our experienced investment team
• Greater investment opportunity set available to you
• At our discretion make investment decisions to match your risk profile
• Aim to deliver better investment outcomes over the long term.

At the heart of what we do is to offer a complete financial planning advice service, covering all your needs whether you are an individual, a business or a trust, taking into account your individual objectives and priorities.

Our ability to manage your investment on a discretionary basis, with the flexibility to make changes to your portfolio as and when required will enable us to better manage risk and capitalise on investment opportunities.

We manage our investment process through an Investment Management Committee that consists of a diverse and experienced group of individuals within Principal and Prosper.

From initial investment and pension advice through to the development of a robust portfolio, I have been completely relaxed and confident that my financial future is in safe hands.

Graham Montgomery (client)