Our Discretionary Investment Management Service

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At Principal & Prosper we want to help you achieve what you want in life. For each of our clients we create a bespoke intelligent financial plan that both meets your current needs and aspirations

Discretionary Investment Management Service

This service is suited to clients who require tailor made investment management to match their risk profile. It allows us to manage and implement, on a day to day basis, the investment decisions required to ensure that your portfolio meets your requirements at all times.

Our aim is to deliver better investment outcomes through a suite of portfolios that are specifically designed to match the risk profiles of our clients.

Why Discretionary Investment Management?

  • Proactive, day-to-day management of your money
  • Greater flexibility in implementing investment ideas
  • Fully harness the power of our experienced investment team
  • Greater investment opportunity set available to you
  • At our discretion make investment decisions to match your risk profile
  • Aim to deliver better investment outcomes over the long term.

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