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Tailor-made investments that match your risk profile.

This service is suited to clients who require personalised investment management to match their risk profile. It allows us to control and implement the necessary investment decisions, making sure that your portfolio always meets your requirements. Our ultimate aim is to deliver you better investment outcomes through a suite of investment portfolios, specifically designed with your risk profile in mind.

Why discretionary investment management?


Proactive, day-to-day management of your capital

Flexible approach

Flexibility in implementing investment ideas

Take full advantage

Harness the power of our experienced investment team

More opportunities

Wider range investment opportunities available to you

Informed decisions

Execute informed investment decisions to match your risk profile on your behalf

Better outcomes

Ultimately aim for better investment outcomes over the long term

We’re here to help you get what you need

It starts with a conversation and grows into a partnership. At Principal & Prosper we’re here to help whatever your financial challenges. Fill out our form, email us on or pick up the phone and tell us what you need. We’re looking forward to getting to know you.

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