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Maximise Your Tax-Free Allowance

Less than a minute


How much Income Tax you pay in each tax year depends on a combination of how much of your income:

  • falls within each tax bracket
  • is above your personal allowance.

For most, personal allowance is set at a standard £12,570 [valid for tax year 23/24]. However, this may be higher if you receive:

  • marriage allowance
  • blind person’s allowance.

Your personal allowance may also be smaller depending on your income. For tax year 23/24, those who have a taxable income of over £125,140 do not get a personal allowance.

Check you’re paying the right amount

Have you checked whether you are maximising your tax-free income by utilising all of your Personal Allowances?

If not, we recommend you start now.

See the link for more details: Income Tax rates and Personal Allowances : Current rates and allowances - GOV.UK (