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Retirement planning

Safeguarding your financial future.

Your pension is one of the most tax efficient investments you can make. Legislative and tax changes do however mean that retirement planning is a constantly changing landscape and it is important to make sure that your plans are up-to-date and reflecting your changing needs. Have you seriously considered when you want to retire? Do you know how much income you’ll need for the lifestyle you want to lead after work? Principal & Prosper can help.

How we can help

We’ll get to know your individual situation, understanding what your financial aspirations for the future and help you ‘know your figure’ – the amount you need to save to have the retirement you choose.

We evaluate your existing pensions and savings and advise on how to make sure they will ultimately deliver the retirement you need. From here we build a personal financial plan for the retirement you’re aiming for.

Whether you are approaching retirement, or wanting to put plans in place earlier, you need to consider carefully the most appropriate way to invest now for your future. At Principal & Prosper we specialise in helping people at all stages in life put in place plans for their retirement.

How it works

We get to know your individual needs and objectives. We then follow a refined process, applying our experience, knowledge and expertise to deliver the best possible financial plan that’s uniquely yours.


We discuss your situation with you, recording information about your finances, your attitude to risk and your financial goals and aspirations. We’ll carry out initial evaluations and propose any immediate action we think would be beneficial to you.


Next, we produce a report based on your objectives. This will summarise your attitude to risk, our recommended asset allocation and your time horizons. It can take up to 2-8 weeks to complete and will contain any supporting information including illustrations and product brochures.


Here, we present our recommendations and make sure you’re happy for us to proceed with your plan. If your objectives have changed or you have any questions, we can discuss these at this stage. We’ll clarify any costs and provide past performance details and expected returns information for each investment we recommend.


We put your plan into action, providing you with any assistance you need with your application to get things started. Then we contact the recommended Provider(s) to implement your plan. Details of any advice will be recorded on our administration system, along with any information we have gathered in relation to your plan.


The final, ongoing stage of our process. Once your plan has been put into effect, we regularly review and monitor it based on your changing needs and circumstances. We will continue to provide you with guidance, advice and administrative support on an ongoing basis.

What our customers say…

It is always a pleasure to visit P&P and I feel like I am part of a great family of lovely people.

I just want to complement you and say thank you for having such a warm, well informed, friendly team of people ready to help us as customers.

An Investment Client

My Adviser was excellent to deal with!

He supplied a plan that has me pretty much secure with maintaining my lifestyle as it is. Obviously it’s an ongoing process, however it was a good start for me.

An Investment Client

I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for all your expert advice , professionalism and support over many years.

Whenever I have been unsure about anything, you always explained complicated matters in simple, understandable terms and ensured that I have had all the information needed to make the right, informed decision.

An Investment Client

What you get

Our aim is to deliver exactly what you expect from your plan. From careful planning and preparation, to managing your portfolio through change and growth, we always keep you fully updated and in the know. You can make the best, informed decisions for your future, backed up by our expert support and advice.

Annual Portfolio Rebalance Preparation

We will review your portfolio annually to make sure it is always aligned with your goals and circumstances.

Ongoing access to your advisor

We’re here for you when you need us. Getting in touch with us for advice or answers is easy.

Access to our Investment Management Team

Get expert support with your investment portfolio whenever you need it to make sure your assets are always working hard for you.

Online access

View and manage your portfolio any time you need via our online portal.

Tax Planning

Use of Capital Gains Tax Allowances, Income Tax Allowances or Individual Savings Account Funding to maximise your investments in the most tax efficient way

Cashflows for your individual circumstances

Your financial plan is designed and adapted to meet your needs specifically. Nothing we do is off-the-shelf.

We’re here to help you get what you need

It starts with a conversation and grows into a partnership. At Principal and Prosper we’re here to help whatever your financial challenges. Fill out our form, email us on or pick up the phone and tell us what you need. We’re looking forward to getting to know you.

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